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Maria Madigow


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Introducing Maria, Your Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist!
Are you in search of a highly skilled professional to assist your child in overcoming speech and language challenges? Maria is a dedicated and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist with an exceptional track record in helping children with various disorders and communication difficulties.

Specialized Approaches:
Maria is proud to be certified in the DIR-Floortime approach, a renowned therapeutic method that focuses on building relationships and promoting social-emotional development. With this expertise, Maria can effectively engage children on their developmental level, fostering progress in a natural and enjoyable manner.

Wide Range of Experience:
With a wealth of experience in assessment and treatment, Maria excels in addressing a variety of disorders. Her expertise spans Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), feeding difficulties, expressive and receptive language disorders, articulation and phonological disorders, as well as clients who utilize low-tech or high-tech Augmentative and Alternative Communication systems.

Empowering Communication:
Maria firmly believes in empowering children to express themselves confidently and effectively. She specializes in supporting individuals with social pragmatic communication disorders, providing tailored interventions that enhance their social interactions and everyday communication skills.

Bilingual Advantage:
In addition to her exceptional qualifications, Maria is bilingual in Russian, enabling her to offer bilingual therapy to Russian-speaking clients. This unique skill set ensures that language barriers are overcome, allowing for comprehensive and culturally sensitive therapy experiences.

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Certification in DIR-Floortime approach

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