Stronger Together

A Lunch and Learn Group

Stronger Together

Has your child...

  • Struggled with confidence?
  • Wanted to make friends over the summer?
  • Wanted to feel less anxious and uncomfortable around other kids?
  • Worried that their peers will make judgments about them?
  • Feel like they're not good at anything?

Learning through experience is one of the best ways to figure out how to make connections with others. Our groups help children and adolescents learn to navigate and increase their confidence in making connections with their peers.

By meeting together regularly with a licensed therapist present, children have a safe opportunity to learn to build and sustain relationships.

Each week will have a designated topic for discussion that will facilitate closeness within the group and help each child learn new skills.


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What can my child expect?

Each session will begin with an icebreaker and teach a skill while the children eat their lunches. They will also have an opportunity to practice that skill and clean up together.

Due to the extensive nature of planning involved in this group therapy program, refunds cannot be provided. In the case of an illness, a credit can be applied to any future group or program sign up.

Feelings & needs

  • How to identify own feelings & needs
  • How to advocate for yourself
  • Identify fears and roadblocks

Growth mindset

  • How to change how we think about and talk to ourselves
  • Fixed vs. growth – the difference between mindsets
  • How to handle mistakes/having realistic expectations


  • Develop my own self-affirmations
  • Gratitude practice and activities

Friendship/social skills

  • How to introduce yourself to others
  • Conversation with other kids
  • Showing interest in others
  • Problem-solving with other kids
  • Conflict resolution with other kids

The details

  • Ages: 9-12 years old
  • The group will meet Mondays weekly from 7-8 pm
  • 2024 Sessions:
    • Session I: 01/29/24-03/25/24
    • Session II:
    • Session III:
  • Cost:$40/session

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