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We are excited to share that this Spring of 2023, Therapediatrics Family Center will officially become a division of Touchstone Therapy Center, marking a new chapter in our growth evolution! As we continue to support families in new and diverse ways, it became clear that our company should reflect our comprehensive services. Touchstone Therapy Center embodies our commitment to providing care for the whole family, from parents and couples to individuals seeking support. We will be sharing more information as we begin this transition this Spring but were eagerly waiting to begin sharing information with the community as we began this process.

At Touchstone Therapy Center and Therapediatrics, we help families thrive by supporting them in their growth throughout their lifespan. We offer interventions such as individual therapy, group therapy, presentations, and other educational resources tailored to your particular needs.

New Parent Lunch and Learn coming January 25!

Raising Responsible Kids: Nurturing Accountability from Childhood to Adolescence with District 73

Concerned that your child’s lack of responsibility might affect their success in school and beyond?

Join us for a 30 minute virtual presentation with Touchstone Therapy Center on the challenges and strategies in

increasing children and teens responsibility and accountability. Q &A to follow. Tips Sheets and handouts provided.

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Touchstone provides free 15-20 minute pediatrics screenings for Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech to briefly assess a child’s development and determine if a full evaluation is needed. Early identification of issues in development is more likely to increase the success that a child can have in treatment.