Behavioral Health

Kristen Finley


Children, Adolescents, and Families

In Person and Telehealth

We all deserve to have at least an hour a week where someone truly and actively listens to us
and tries to empathize with our experience- but unfortunately many of us don’t get this. Our
friends, family, and spouses may love us deeply but be so busy in their day-to-day lives that
they miss our cues for connection, which we all need to flourish.

I believe that when someone is met where they are in the moment and given a supportive
emotional holding space, they become capable of being the best versions of themselves.
I work through a person-centered lens and utilize techniques such as CBT, Play Therapy, and
Mindfulness to inspire my clients to be conscious and emotionally aware in their everyday lives
so that they can live a life that is in line with their values.

But there is no “cookie cutter” treatment that will work for every client, and I know this quite well
having worked in Special Education classrooms with pre-k students in Chicago- so I am always
striving to be flexible to the needs of each client and to find what works best for them.
In my personal life, I value maintaining a work/life balance with healthy boundaries and try to
model this for my clients. I love spending time with my loved ones (especially my kids!) I also
love trying new restaurants, journaling, traveling, and listening to music and podcasts.

I would love to meet you!