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Kathryn Cervantes


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Hello, I’m Kathryn V. Cervantes, a licensed professional counselor and certified alcohol and drug counselor who is deeply committed to supporting individuals, couples, and families on their path to healing and growth. You can also call me Kate, as I understand the importance of creating a comfortable and approachable therapeutic experience for those seeking couples or family therapy.

I firmly believe that each family, couple, teenager, and child is a unique “client” with their own needs and aspirations. That’s why I emphasize the importance of tailoring therapy to meet their specific goals and ideals, recognizing that individuality is crucial for effective treatment. I also maintain a strong foundation in evidence-based practices, ensuring that my clients receive the most effective and proven therapeutic approaches.

My true passion lies in helping families find their way to a healthy, thriving normal. I understand that parents are the backbone of a family, and I consider it essential to foster healthy relationships within couples to promote the overall well-being of the entire family unit.

Drawing from my personal experiences, I intimately understand the challenges of coming from a divorced family and blending families with different cultural backgrounds. Navigating these complexities with empathy and understanding is a humbling privilege for me. Additionally, having been a single teen mom to a beautiful daughter, I bring valuable insights and support to women, children, and single parents, incorporating my personal, educational, and professional experiences into my practice.

Recognizing the profound impact of addiction on individuals and families, I dedicated a significant portion of my education to addiction studies and became a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC). I deeply understand the ripple effects that addictions can have and strive to address these challenges within families and individuals’ lives.

Moreover, I have undergone specialized training in the Gottman Method, equipping me with tools and insights to strengthen relationships and promote effective communication within couples and families. Integrating this evidence-based approach enhances my ability to guide clients towards healthier and more fulfilling connections.

Taking a holistic approach, I recognize the importance of work/life balance and can provide guidance in finding equilibrium. Additionally, I have experience in helping individuals, particularly teenagers, explore their career paths or make transitions into second careers, offering the necessary support to achieve their professional aspirations.

Creating an environment of trust, empathy, and personal growth is my top priority when working with individuals, couples, and families. By valuing the uniqueness of each client and incorporating evidence-based practices, I empower families to overcome challenges, find healing, and create lasting positive change. I invite you to reach out to me today and embark on a transformative therapeutic journey together.

Areas of Interest:

Parent Coaching | Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Addiction | Divorce | Affairs| Sex and Pornography Addiction | Neurodiverse Couples | Grief and Loss | Premarital Issues |

Certifications/Specialty Training

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Gottman Level 2 Trained Therapist