Speech Therapy

Faith Becker


My name is Faith Becker and I am a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist with
30+ years of pediatric experience in the school and clinical setting.
I received my Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Speech and Language Pathology and
Psychology from Indiana University. I have completed continuing education at the
college level in the areas of swallowing disorders, auditory processing, language
development, articulation, Spanish, written language, autism, non-verbal language,
social language skills, stuttering, and more.

I hold a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech Language
Hearing Association, and am licensed in Speech Language Pathology in the state of
I have worked with children at all age levels through adults. I have significant
experience with school age children in elementary through middle school and have a
strong understanding of the special education process.

I really enjoy working with children and getting to see the improvement over time in the
areas they are working on. It is a thrill for me to see when the “lightbulb” all of the
sudden goes on and a child realizes that they understand something they did not before
and that they have made progress. I chose to be a speech and language pathologist
after trying some different areas of interest in college. I started out as a communications
major and wanted to be working in radio or television. Then I switched to pre-med and
the sciences, and finally, I decided to combine my love of speech and medical areas
into speech and hearing sciences.

I think the most important quality in a clinician is that they listen. Listening to parents/
guardians and caregivers is very helpful in gaining insight into what a child needs.
Listening to a child helps a therapist understand what a child is able to do and what
progress they are making. Communication overall is so important and there are times
when we, as a people, forget to listen and learn.

In my free time, I love to read books, spend time with my family, watch college sports,
especially basketball, walk my dog, and do 5Ks. I also work in a school and I am one of
the coaches for our Girls on the Run group. I really enjoy working with these young
ladies and watching them grow as athletes and in confidence.

Areas of specialty: articulation/phonology, receptive and expressive language disorders,
stuttering, social/pragmatic language.