Occupational Therapy

Cheryl Hemmer


I am a licensed occupational therapist and am registered under the National Board Certification for Occupational Therapy. I began my career working in the school system over 35 years ago after graduating from the University of Kansas. I now enjoy providing private therapy. This allows me to treat the whole child rather than merely being able to address school-related issues. Therapy is focused on fun and functional activities.

Those best served by my experience are children with sensory processing disorders and developmental delays. I also enjoy working with children who may have developed behavioral/emotional issues related to a delay in the development of sensory processing. My goal is always to help develop children’s physical abilities which leads to them finding confidence in their skill level and, in turn, raising the level of confidence they have in themselves. I enjoy time spent with family and friends, visiting my 3 grown children who are spread throughout the country, walking my dogs, and hanging with my husband.