Utilizing Color My Conversation with Children in Speech Therapy

by Hilary Davis | Nov 1, 2023

Effective communication is a vital skill that plays a crucial role in our personal and professional lives. For children with communication delays, developing social skills can be challenging. However, a revolutionary program, sponsored by Northern Speech Services called Color My Conversation developed by Rosslyn Delmonico, an Speech Language Pathologist, offers a multi-sensory approach to help children and young adults develop the skills of conversation and enhance established conversational abilities.

Our speech therapists that are trained in this program have been impressed by the results in using this program with clients. In this blog post, we will explore what Color My Conversation is, why it is important, and how it differs from traditional therapy that teaches conversational skills.

Understanding Color My Conversation:
Color My Conversation is a unique multi-sensory program designed to guide children through the various stages of conversation, from basic levels of greetings to advanced levels of engaging in multiple conversational exchanges for a variety of topic interests. The color-coded program visually represents the rules of conversation, making it beneficial for children with processing deficits, expressive language challenges, and vocabulary delays. By incorporating visual cues, scripting, and tactile support, this program provides a structured framework for children to develop their conversational and social skills.


The Benefits of Color My Conversation:
One of the key advantages of Color My Conversation is its ability to offer a clear structure and expectations to children. Instead of facing a blank screen when conversing, they can see the pathway and know what steps to take next. This structure empowers children by providing them with the necessary support to engage in effective communication. By using the program, children can enhance their conversation skills through topic maintenance and turn-taking abilities, and experience the joy of successful social interactions.

The Program’s Methodology:
Color My Conversation follows a systematic program that guides children through the different stages of conversation. It begins with a greeting, followed by short conversations involving comments and questions about topics of interest to both themselves and others. As children progress, they move on to longer conversations, gradually building their conversational skills. Finally, the program focuses on closing conversations effectively, teaching children appropriate phrases such as “Nice talking to you” or “I’ll see you next time.”

Appropriate Age Range:
Color My Conversation is suitable for a wide age range, accommodating children as young as three years old with mild communication delays. The program is effective for individuals with various levels of communication difficulties, extending all the way to early adulthood. By tailoring the approach to the child’s needs, the program fosters growth and development at an individualized pace.

In conclusion, Color My Conversation is an invaluable multi-sensory program that offers a structured and engaging way to develop social skills and enhance communication abilities. By combining visual cues, scripting, and tactile support, this program empowers children and young adults to navigate conversations successfully. Whether they have processing deficits, expressive language challenges, or vocabulary limitations, Color My Conversation provides the necessary support to foster effective communication. With its systematic approach and age flexibility, this program offers a valuable tool for children and individuals with communication difficulties, helping them thrive in their interactions with others.